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Rating : 5 Dental Implant Alpharetta  - Five Star Reviews

Dr. Hepler has given me the opportunity to feel good about myself. I have always disliked my smile. I avoided smiling and having my picture taken; always worried my teeth would be showing. Teeth are such an important part of the way you look, because if you aren’t smiling you don’t look happy. I am grateful to Dr. Hepler for his professionalism and excellent work in the complete restoration of all of my teeth. He is truly a perfectionist and strives for the perfect result. His staff is kind and very caring, in my many visits; they always made me feel comfortable. I recommend Dr. Hepler to anyone; he improved the look of my smile and gave me the confidence to improve in other areas as well. If you are hesitating don’t, get that perfect smile and look radiant.

Thank you again, Dr. Hepler.
The methods used to replace missing teeth have improved significantly with time and effort. Today, one of the best ways that patients from the Alpharetta, GA area can restore confidence in oral function is with dental implant treatment from the Atlanta Center for Dental Health. Dr. Hepler and his experienced team provide patients with detailed information and outstanding care in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The effects of tooth loss

Tooth loss does a lot more than alter the look of the smile. When a tooth is lost, so is the root. Roots are as important to the jawbone as they are to tooth stability. Through decades of treatment with dentures, we have seen the long-term effect that tooth loss can have on the jaw and, subsequently, on the facial structure as a whole. Having missing teeth will make you look old!
In the first several months after tooth loss, the bone beneath the missing tooth breaks down significantly. Bone loss continues as long as no stimulation is provided via a root replacement.

How implants work

Dental implants are the root replacement dentists have searched for. These prosthetics are tiny posts made of titanium. Inserted into the jawbone in a very simple procedure performed under local anesthesia, implants become stabilized by bone tissue, which is stimulated to grow around individual posts. This stabilization occurs over several months during which the implant post sits undisturbed.

Why patients choose implants for tooth replacement in the Alpharetta area

Documented research on the success of dental implants shows that the replacement of the missing tooth achieves more than a 95 percent rate of success. No other form of tooth replacement has come close to this level of success.
Implants can restore the smile in a number of ways:
  • Single tooth replacement. A single implant with crown is a wonderful, cost-effective alternative to the fixed bridge. Because no healthy teeth are altered and used for support, the implant is a more conservative treatment option.

  • Replacement of multiple teeth. Depending on the positions of missing teeth, it may be possible to replace several with just one or two implants and an overlying bridge. The implant-supported bridge is appropriate when several adjacent teeth need to be replaced. Individual teeth with natural teeth in between can be replaced with solitary implants and crowns.

    Implants as an alternative to bridgework may be initially more expensive, but the lifelong results and preservation of natural tooth structure make this option a wise investment. Altering healthy teeth to support the dental bridge makes them more susceptible in the long-run, even if they are covered with dental crowns.

  • Permanent replacement of all teeth. Due to stabilization in the bone, implants can efficiently support a full row of artificial teeth. Depending on the condition of bone tissue in the jaw, Dr. Hepler may suggest as few as four to six implants to support as many as a dozen teeth in an arch.

  • Support for removable dentures. In recent years, many patients have taken advantage of the opportunity to stabilize an otherwise shaky denture appliance with implants. There are several benefits to supporting a removable denture with a few strategically placed implants. Dentures that are well supported are more comfortable to wear because they do not slide across gum tissue. The presence of implants in the jaw promotes stimulation that significantly slows the breakdown of bone tissue, keeping the lips and cheeks well supported. And keeping you looking younger!

Caring for implants

One of the wonderful aspects of tooth replacement with implants is that the materials are resistant to corrosion. Although new teeth will not decay, routine home care and professional checkups and cleanings are vital to the ongoing success of implants. Without proper maintenance, there is a risk for peri-implantitis, a bacterial infection that can cause the destruction of healthy tissue.
Through proper planning for implants, which involves careful evaluation of bite and bite issues such as grinding or clenching, Dr. Hepler recommends the number of implants for optimal performance. Additionally, a nightguard may be advisable for patients who clench or grind excessively.
Any form of tooth replacement is an investment. We work with our patients to design treatment best suited to their needs to achieve long-term results. Consider dental implants for missing teeth. Learn more about this process in our welcoming dental office.
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Rating : 5 Dentist Houston - Reviews by Audrey C.

"Dr. Hepler is a fine dentist and the office staff is always helpful. He uses the latest technology and is concerned about how the patient is doing. The office is very clean. He offers sedation dentistry which is nice for those of us with a fear of getting our teeth taken care of."
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